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Golf Simulators

The Full Swing Golf simulator is a turn-key package. It includes a projector, computer, touchscreen, dual ball-tracking technologies, golf course software, enclosure, hitting screen, hitting mat, wiring, and all necessary components to accurately track the ball and realistically simulate golf.

A golf simulator is a system of hardware and software components that track club and ball launch conditions and ball-flight then simulates what the ball would have done in the real world in a virtual golf environment. The FSG simulator uses dual ball-tracking technologies that feed the golf software the information needed to render true ball-flight and comes in dozens of sizes to accommodate nearly any space.

Frequently Asked Golf Simulator Questions


  • There isn’t a scale or metric for measuring accuracy of the real world vs. the virtual world of our simulator or any other. However, based on years of scientific study and customer feedback, Full Swing Golf (FSG) simulators are incredibly accurate. FSG engineers have used every technology in and out of golf to validate our technologies and data. If PGA TOUR pros trust FSG for serious practice and data analysis, all FSG customers can expect nothing but the most accurate experience on the market.


  • FSG handles putting differently than any other simulator. The real-time, infrared tracking system promotes seamless transitions for putts rolling from real-world to virtual world. Other simulators on the market have a virtual ball on the screen before the putt is hit in the real world. When the putt is hit in the real world, the virtual ball starts rolling before the real ball hits the screen, which most would agree creates a disconnect in the feel of putting. In the FSG sim, the putt rolls to the screen and seamlessly continues virtually on the same path at the same speed into the virtual green, and hopefully into the hole!


  • 93 championship courses, including 30 of Golf Digest's and Golfweek's "Greatest Courses”. FSG will add at least 4 new courses per year, often many more than 4. Only 6 courses in the FSG library are fantasy courses, the rest are real, licensed replicas of real world courses, emulated in great detail. Other simulators may tout a significant course library, but often the courses offered are fantasy courses or unlicensed imitations.


  • FSG sims are multipurpose sims. Connect your DVR, DVD, Bluray, Xbox, Playstation, Wii or any other type of media device that can be projected on a screen. FSG projectors are HD, 4000 lumens or more, with excellent performance ratings for golf and multimedia applications. Play golf or watch the big game or your favorite movie on our sim. FSG helps you and your family make the most of your space and investment.
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